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The Five Elements

Company Overview

The Five Elements offers unique natural stone finishes to professionals in the design, architecture and building industries. Our products give an international, distinguished and serene feel to any design project.

Unique Value Proposition

The Five Elements is a wholesale distributor of unique and beautiful stone finishes which create pride and distinction for design professionals and their clients.

Who Are We

The Five Elements is a San Diego based wholesale distributor with showroom clients throughout the US. We also work with architects, interior designers and builders throughout the US.

What We Do

The Five Elements constantly strives for opportunities to create a “WOW” visual impact in home, commercial and retail spaces through the application of our unique stone finish.

How Do We Do What We Do

At The Five Elements, we utilize a three step process to best access the needs of design and building professionals and their clients so as to provide design solutions that meet those needs and create visually exciting results. We deliver these processes with unparalleled service and ongoing creative ideas.

Why Do We Do What We Do

Our passions at The Five Elements are design, business and smart investments. We love to marry these drivers resulting in esthetics, impact and profitability for our clients and the projects they create. At The Five Elements we believe unique stone finishes can assist in all three of these areas for any design project.

What Makes Us Different

We are more than importers or distributors; we are business specialists with a love of design and creating.

Why You Should Do Business With Us

Our primary goal at The Five Elements is to beneficially impact our client’s business and their clients’ projects. Our intent is to assist each vendor’s current business through staying in touch with the latest design trends from around the globe and by augmenting current lines, filling voids, maximizing profits and helping create distinction in their projects.